Building on the successful launch of this campaign in 2021, we’re delighted to once again partner with Donegal legend, Daniel O’Donnell to celebrate our range of uniquely handcrafted sourdough breads.

To launch the campaign, Gallaghers Bakehouse has revealed a new ad featuring Daniel O’Donnell. The light-hearted video shows how Ardara has become the Las Vegas of the Northwest, with tourists from all over the world travelling to sample its delicious bread since Daniel let the secret out about how soft, fluffy, and delicious Gallagher’s Bakehouse is, much to the locals’ annoyance.

As a result, Daniel has become a pariah in the town, and must resort to desperate measures to get his fix of Gallagher’s Bakehouse.

To support the video, Gallaghers Bakehouse will be airing our new radio ad featuring Daniel across national radio over the coming weeks and can be seen on billboards across the country.

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